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Locust Park
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2150 West 15th St.
Loveland, CO  80538

A Useful, Full-Size Bathroom...
Locust Park Apartments
In Beautiful Loveland, CO

(970) 663-6787
Locally Owned and Managed
With On-Site Management and Maintenance


The Sensible Touch of...

A Comfortable, Practical,
Well-Lit Bathroom

With Full-Size Fixtures
And Adequate Storage

There's not a lot to be said about the lowly bathroom...

Unless you've endured an annoyingly small sink on top of a too-small base cabinet...

Or worse...

A miniature sink hanging on the wall or perched on a pedestal with no cabinet whatsoever!

But not here.

At Locust Park, you get a full-size bathtub with easy-to-clean tile or fiber-glass walls and shower.

No shrunken sizes more suited to pygmies or something you might expect in a sub-compact motor home.

Plus you'll find a large lavatory sink installed on a base cabinet big enough to be useful for the kinds of things that always end up being stashed in the bathroom.

You also get a wall-mount medicine cabinet big enough for your toiletries and other necessities so they don't create a lot of clutter all over the countertop around the sink.

Oh — and don't overlook — the easy-to-clean, easy-to-maintain, vinyl floor to make your housekeeping simpler and more trouble-free than ever.

In short — all of the bathroom necessities everyone needs and you always expect — carefully chosen and placed so you can enjoy the convenience of having what you need ... where you need it ... when you need it.

Relax and Enjoy!

Picture of generous-sized, brightly lit bathroom
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Picture of generous-sized, brightly lit bathroom
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