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A Cook's Dream Kitchen...
At Locust Park Apartments
In Beautiful Loveland, CO

(970) 663-6787
Locally Owned and Managed
With On-Site Management and Maintenance


Solve Your Apartment Nightmares...

This Well-Designed Kitchen
Will Please Any Cook

And Make It Easy For Everyone
To Feel Right at Home

If you love to cook — or even if you don't — you'll definitely appreciate the kitchen in your Locust Park Apartment.

  • Lots of cupboard space for cooking supplies, dishes, and utensils
  • Large pantry for all the ordinary things you need so you don't have to go to the grocery store every day, even though it's only a convenient block away.
  • Automatic dishwasher to save time and help you avoid cleanup drudgery.
  • Garbage disposal gets rid of cuttings and scrapings, keeping your workspace clean and neat.
  • Rolled-edge counter top is easy to clean and has no sharp corners.
  • Easy-to-clean vinyl floor covering adds to the decor.
  • Refrigerator, sink and electric stove are all within easy arm's reach for maximum convenience and usability.
  • Bright, efficient lighting so it's easy to see what you're doing.
  • Enough floor space to accommodate a dining table and chairs without interfering with cooking and other kitchen tasks.

And your kitchen is right next to the living room for even more convenience when you are watching movies or sports on TV, or entertaining guests.

Convenient Pantry Storage
Saves You Hassle, Time, and Money

It's upsetting to be pressed for time — only to discover right in the middle of preparing a meal that you're missing a key ingredient you thought you had.

Even when the grocery store's only a block away, it still means a late meal or a sudden menu change.

But with a convenient pantry in your apartment, you have the space you need so you can stock up on items when they're on sale — then have them on hand later as you need them ... often saving you a lot of money.

It can also help you avoid impulse buying and trips to the convenience store, keeping even more hard-earned cash in your pocket!

Plus — being able to store a variety of foods and ingredients enables you to have more variety in your diet and menus.

Then if company shows up unexpectedly and you want to provide the hospitality they deserve, you have the resources at your fingertips to cover the needs of the moment.

To see just how big the pantry is, have a look at this full-size photo of the living room facing into the kitchen. The kitchen is straight ahead on the right, and you can see the double sliding pantry doors on the far end of the left-hand kitchen wall.

Lots of care and planning went into creating the spacious, convenient kitchen in each apartment at Locust Park — and when you see just how much yours helps your busy life, you'll be really glad we did it.

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