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Locust Park
Comfortable Living
You'll Love
Coming Home To
2150 West 15th St.
Loveland, CO  80538

Comfortable Living Room...
Locust Park Apartments
In Beautiful Loveland, CO

(970) 663-6787
Locally Owned and Managed
With On-Site Management and Maintenance


The Place Where Family and Friends Gather...

A Living Room Big Enough...
To Accommodate Your Lifestyle

Though you spend more of your life in the bedroom than in any other room — and the kitchen design is usually most important to the efficient functioning of any household — the living room remains the focal point when entertaining guests or spending quality "family time" together.

It's the living room where movies and sports explode on TV, or adults engage in conversation and children pursue activities suited to the younger set.

That's why at Locust Park the living room has been granted an extra share of space to accommodate greeting guests ... and handling family traffic between kitchen and other rooms...

While still accommodating the out-of-traffic space for sofa, chairs, coffee table, computer desk, and the many other possibilities that make the living room such an important part of apartment life.

Again — as in other rooms — there's a handy closet right next to the entry door for coats, galoshes, and other outdoor wear when weather or cold requires.

And a cable TV outlet makes connecting to your entertainment center easy as soon as you pick the cable box up from the cable provider.

Private, Outdoor Balcony
(Or Ground-Level Patio)

But you're not restricted to just the living room. Right outside the patio door is a generous patio for garden-level apartments, or an enclosed balcony where you can enjoy the outdoor air, colorful sunsets, and cool or warm seasonal temperatures as they come and go through the seasons of the year.

Give Us A Call...

If Locust Park looks like what you're looking for, give us a call ... anytime during normal business hours: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Mountain Time, Tuesday through Saturday. Our office phone is (970) 663-6787, and if nobody's there to take the call, our cell number is (970) 430-0859.

To save time and make sure you have the necessary information, you can even download and print the PDF file containing our Rental Application ... fill it out ... and bring it with you.

We look forward to meeting you and getting acquainted.

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