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Keep Your Utilities Costs Under Control—

Your Monthly Apartment Rent...
Includes Most Utilities

Too many people fail to include utilities when comparing apartment and house rental costs. That can be a huge mistake.

For example, if you rent a house, there are many costs not found when you rent an apartment — such as:

  • Lawn watering,
  • Weekly trash pickup,
  • Heating and air conditioning for the entire building,
  • Electric service,
  • Sewer fees,
  • Household water use.

And — these don't include extras such as cable TV, telephone, and Internet services.

Also don't forget: If the yard is large, not only is the cost of irrigation water much higher, but the hassle of yard maintenance, mowing, and other factors you don't have in an apartment can be substantial.

And don't forget the summertime heated swimming pool that's also included in your rent at Locust Park.

The Locust Park Utilities Advantage

When you live at Locust Park, not only do you enjoy spacious living quarters, but most utilities are included in the rent:

Utilities Included In Rent:
  • Gas-fired, baseboard, hot-water heat — included
  • Domestic water fee— included
  • Sewer fee — included
  • Trash pickup — included
  • City recycling fee (if applicable) — included
  • Basic cable TV (over 60 channels) — included
  • Summer heated swimming pool — included
Utilities Not Included In Rent:
  • Electricity — not included (typically $18-25 per month)
  • Electric Air Conditioning — not included
  • Telephone fee— not included
  • Internet Service — not included

Cable TV, Telephone, and Internet Services

Cable TV:

Basic cable TV service is included in the rent. Premium channels and/or Internet service are not included, and must be ordered from the cable provider (Comcast Cable) and paid for by the tenant.

Telephone Service:

Tenants are responsible for their own telephone service.

Land-line phone service is available from several different companies. For more information, consult the "Phone Service Pages" section of a local telephone directory.

There is usually a connect fee charged by the phone company, in addition to monthly and long-distance charges.

An initial deposit may also be required before service begins, depending on the tenant's financial or credit history.

Some telephone companies offer unlimited long-distance calling throughout the U.S. and Canada for a modest monthly fee.

Internet Service:

Internet service is available through some telephone companies as well as through the cable company. Land-line DSL Internet service can be purchased alone, without purchasing regular telephone service.

Service capabilities and line speeds vary between telephone and cable lines, and prices are different too.

Qwest telephone lines at Locust Park currently are capable of high-speed DSL Internet service with download speed up to 1.5 megabits per second.

Cable providers can provide higher speeds, but usually at a higher price. Unless you are a heavy Internet user and require higher speeds, 1.5 Mb/sec DSL is typically quite adequate.

U.S. Mail Service

Locust Park provides cluster mail boxes mounted on pedestals.

All boxes are locked and accessible only by using a key provided by the U.S. Postal Service directly to the tenant. To initiate service, obtain a key from the main Post Office when you move in.

In addition, there is a contract Post Office one block away in the strip-mall shopping center near the Safeway grocery store where you can buy stamps, mail packages, send Express and certified mail, etc., so there's no need to travel to the main post office on East 29th Street, or downtown at the corner of 6th Street and Cleveland Ave.

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